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The Vascular Section of Associated Cardiovascular Consultants offers a full spectrum of diagnostic vascular laboratory services in many of ACC's convenient South Jersey offices. We are fully ICAVL (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Vascular Testing) accredited.

PAD can be evaluated in many ways:

  • Ankle/Brachial Index (ABI)/Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) - compares blood pressure (BP) measurements in the arms and legs using BP cuffs which helps evaluate the amount of blood flow to the legs and feet that can be done with or without exercise.
  • Vascular Ultrasound (US)/Duplex Doppler - a small hand-held device is placed on the skin over the artery to be evaluated, emitting sound waves. The waves are recorded, allowing blockages to be detected.
  • CT Scan - multiple x-rays of the arteries are taken from different angles over a very short period of time. A contrast material is used to highlight the vessels.
  • Magnetic Resonance Arteriogram (MRA) - uses powerful magnets to create images of the blood vessels.
  • Angiography - A dye is injected into an artery from a small tube in the groin to show blood flow and detect possible blockages. Blockages can sometimes be fixed through the same tube in the groin using stents or other devices.


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Please call 856-354-8346 to schedule an appointment with one of our vascular physicians.