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In addition to providing exceptional comprehensive vascular medicine clinical care, our experienced vascular team offers expert, state of the art treatment for all types of vascular disease.

There are numerous treatments for PAD depending upon the severity of the disease ranging from lifestyle modifications and/or medications to non-surgical or surgical interventions.

Lifestyle modifications may include quitting smoking, control blood pressure & blood sugar; eat foods lower in saturated fats and cholesterol, weight loss and regular exercise.

  • Medications may include lipid-lowering agents and anti-platelet agents. There are also medications used to improve symptoms.
  • Blockages can be treated during an angiogram procedure with balloons, stents, and lasers.
  • Surgery can also be an option to bypass blockages.

Procedures routinely performed by our doctors include:

  • Angioplasty: a procedure utilizing a balloon that is inflated to widen a narrowed or blocked vessel.
  • Stenting: a procedure whereby an expandable metal tube is inserted into a narrowed vessel.
  • Atherectomy/Laser: a minimally invasive procedure to remove plaque build-up from a vessel wall.
  • Thrombectomy: a procedure to remove a blood clot in an artery or a vein.
  • Stent Graft: a minimally invasive procedure where a specially designed stent covered with a flexible material is inserted into an artery to repair an aneurysm or leak.

We also participate in multiple research trials related to the treatment of PAD.


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