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Our Mission

"The Heart Failure Center at ACC is dedicated to providing optimal heart failure management. Our goal is to enhance the well-being of our patients through education of patients and their families, promotion of optimal heart function and reduction in adverse patient symptoms.

We accomplish this thru the practice of effective, high quality care based on guidelines/standards developed by the American Heart Association and offer potential research protocols. We deliver these services with superior customer service."

Heart Failure Program at ACC

The Heart Failure Program at ACC is an education and treatment program designed to help you manage your disease. Our Heart Failure Center provides specialized advanced practiced care and education to people diagnosed with heart failure... helping you to better understand your condition and how to manage your health.

Heart Failure management is a team effort-making YOU, your family, and your physician the key players on the team.


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(True or False) People with heart failure should weigh themselves once a week.