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The basic "EKG" taken in the office or hospital. This gives information about the electrical system of the heart and helps in early diagnosis of coronary heart disease.
Holter & Event Monitoring
An external monitoring device which is placed in the office, then worn by the patient for 24 hours. The monitor enables direct analysis of all the heartbeats occurring within that 24-hour period.
Stress Testing - Exercise and Pharmacologic
A test done to "stress" or exercise the heart, either by walking on a treadmill or by intravenous medication for those unable to walk easily. The addition of a nuclear scan (intravenous injection) or ultrasound imaging (nothing IV) improves the accuracy of the test. This test helps in early discovery of coronary artery blockages.
Echocardiography - 2D, Doppler, and Color Flow (Transthoracic and Transesophageal)
A study using sound waves to evaluate the structure and function of the heart valves and muscle (no exercise or intravenous required).