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Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization
An invasive test where tubes (catheters) are inserted into the heart via arteries and veins to record pressures obtain blood samples and inject dye to visualize the structures of the heart. This is done by trained specialists only. From this study, the extent of cardiac disease can be accurately assessed and treatment plans thereby established.
Diagnostic Electrophysiologic Testing, Selected Catheter Ablation
A form of cardiac catheterization to evaluate and treat abnormal heart beats (arrhythmias). This test requires a specifically trained cardiologist.
Tilt Table Testing
A test designed to evaluate fainting and/or blackout spells.
Permanent Pacemaker and ICD Placements
A surgical procedure to permanently insert an electrical device (pacemaker or AICD) in the body, connected to the heart, to control specific abnormal heart beat.